Mortuary Science Schools in Florida

October 21, 2013

If you live in the great state of Florida, you have plenty of colleges where you can pursue an education in the mortuary sciences. Most schools only have one—maybe two—mortuary science programs, but Florida has three! So, let’s take a look at the mortuary science schools in Florida.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College is an excellent institution that meets the needs of northeast Florida. As they state on their site, they:

  • “Prepare students for distinctive success in their academic, career and personal goals through collaboration within the College community and individual initiative.”
  • “Inspire students to a lifetime commitment to continued learning, informed civic engagement, ethical leadership, cultural appreciation, social responsibility and multicultural awareness in an interconnected world.”
  • “Optimize access to College programs and services.”
  • “Provide to students an extraordinarily positive experience in every engagement with the College.”
  • “Contribute significantly to the ongoing economic development of the Northeast Florida region.”

Most schools do not so publicly make an effort to discuss their involvement with the community, so that says good things about the institution.

The school has “upper division college credit programs” and “lower division college credit programs”, depending on the level of education you have received before applying to the school.

At the time of this posting, the tuition for the program is:

Upper Division Baccalaureate Degree Courses Tuition and Fees

In-state residents: $114.52 per credit hour

Non-residents: $399.27 per credit hour

Eligible Georgia residents: $225.09 per credit hour

Lower Division College Credit Course Tuition and Fees

In-state residents: $102.88 per credit hour

Non-residents: $399.27 per credit hour

Eligible Georgia residents and non-resident online courses: $216.55 per credit hour

You can learn more about the programs and the tuition at


Robert Dean is the director of the program, and the school’s address and email address are:

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Funeral Service Program

North Campus

4501 Capper Road

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Phone: (904) 766-6622

Web Site:


Miami-Dade College

Miami-Dade offers an excellent education, and a student experience that is different from almost every other school in the country. On their website, they share: “Miami Dade College is the largest and most diverse college in the nation. With seven campuses, two centers and more than 175,000 students from across the world, the College offers over 300 programs of study and several degree options, including vocational, associate, and baccalaureate degrees. MDC features numerous Continuing Education classes, online credit classes through the Virtual College, the New World School of the Arts, the School for Advanced Studies, The Honors College and Dual Enrollment.”

The tuition for residents is $82.78 per credit, and with fees it is $114.22, for a cost per term of $1,370.64 (that is, if you take 12 credits per term).

The tuition for non-residents is $82.78 per credit plus a $248.33 non-resident fee (ouch!). With other fees, that amounts to $398.51 per credit, for a cost-per-term of $4,782.12 (that is, it will cost you $4,782.12 per term if you take 12 credits per term).

For more info about tuition, visit

The program coordinator is Dr. W. Allen Powell, and you can reach him at the school’s address:

Miami-Dade College

Funeral Service Education Program

11380 NW 27th Ave.

Miami, FL 33167

Phone: (305) 237-8082

Web Site:


St. Petersburg College

The third college in Florida that offers a mortuary sciences education is St. Petersburg College. They offer an excellent education, and on their website, they are proud to have won the following awards:

  • “No. 6 in the nation in associate degrees awarded in liberal arts & sciences, general studies and humanities;”
  • “No. 12 in the nation for the number of associate degrees awarded in Nursing;”
  • “No. 13 in the number of associate degrees in all disciplines;”
  • “No. 19 in the number of associate degrees awarded in health professions and related programs.”

Not too shabby!

As for tuition rates, at the time of posting, they were:

Lower division:

Florida residents: $107.75

Out-of-state residents: $382.90

Upper division:

Florida residents: $118.70

Out-of-state residents: $421.79

Click here for St. Petersburg’s fee schedule:


St. Petersburg College

Funeral Services Program

7200 66th Street North

Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Phone: 727-341-3781

Fax: 727-341-3782

Web Site:


We hope this has helped! If you live in Florida, you’ve got a lot of great options! Good luck in your career, and thank you for stopping by!

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